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Important People - Guests and Family

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Who To Invite and How Many

Before you begin with your invitations, you should have a definite decision on the location of your reception. This is vital to figuring out how many people to invite. Usually, you can have about 25% more people than will fit in your reception location because that is the average of how many people will not be able to attend the wedding. For example, if your reception location can hold 300 people, count on inviting 375 guests.

One important thing to remember is that the number of invitations you send out is not equal to the number of guests. When you make your list of potential guests, make sure you put the number of people that are being invited next to their name. At the end of the list, put the total amount of guests. If this is too many, go through the list again and see who you can do without inviting and tally it up again until you get the appropriate number.

Speaking of taking off potential guests- you should try to not have them on there in the first place if you are going to take them off. If your fiances mother wants to add her hairdresser, unless you have a thousand-person location, you're going to have to veto the request. Make sure you try to invite those that would be offended if they weren't invited, such as your great aunt that sees you every Christmas. As a general rule, you can figure if you haven't seen them for over five-ten years, you can probably do without them on your guest list.

Always make sure you have both your parents and your fiances parents make a list of people they really want to be invited. You will be able to know who to invite on your parents' list, just by figuring out if you've ever even met them, or if you aren't really familiar with them. Your fiance will be able to do the same for his parents' list. Just make sure you talk to both parents about your guest cuts so that they either convince you otherwise, or save themselves embarrassment when they talk to the guest that was cut.

Also, remember- it is your wedding day. If you would feel uncomfortable inviting someone, or if you want to invite someone despite these tips, go ahead and do what you want. It is completely up to you who you decide to invite and who you want to share your special day with.

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Your family is very important when it comes to wedding planning, as well as the wedding itself. Many people choose their siblings to be bridesmaids or groomsmen, but for all those family members that aren't included in that category- they still have a lot they can do for you.

Of course, your family will be dressed in coordinating colors- maybe not the same attire styles as your attendants, but they will still match. Your family will also be in most of your wedding pictures- possibly even more pictures than your attendants will be in. One thing that your family will be doing that the attendants won't is standing in the receiving line with you and your new husband.

Do not over look your family when you are delegating all of the many tasks of the wedding. Remember that blood is thicker than water and your family will be able to take more demands from you than your friends will. One of the best things about families is that each family member will potentially be really good at one or two aspects of the wedding planning. Figure out who can do what and make sure they are willing and able to do it, and then you can have even less stress on your shoulders.

As always- since your family will be helping you out tremendously, make sure you are good to them. One of the best things to do is come up with a list of things that needs to be done and then ask your family members what they would like to participate in. This makes them feel like you really want their help and you want them to have fun doing it. You may also choose to give them gifts after the whole ordeal is done. This is a great way to show your appreciation, but even just a card and a hug can do the trick.

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