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Las Vegas Wedding

Planning a wedding begins with choosinig the perfect wedding destination. While there are a multitude of choices in the world, none rise to the top more than a Las Vegas Wedding, the city where more than 90,000 couples begin their matrimonial adventure. Las Vegas today is known as the best wedding destination mainly because of the excitement of the city and the diversity of venues avaiable to satisfy every bride and groom's whimsy.

Planning a wedding in Las Vegas is fun and adding in your own unique touch is even more exciting, especially in a city that accepts practically anything as the 'norm'. There is virtually nothing that would surprise or shock a wedding venue in Las Vegas. If you can imagine it, it can be done in Las Vegas, the city that is famous for Elvis weddings.

The Perfect Wedding Destination

If elegance is your goal, you have a multitude of choices starting with the high end Las Vegas wedding chapels in the grand and elegantly appointed hotels to simple and charming places like the Little White Wedding Chapel. The decision on where you will exchange vows with your soulmate is largely a matter of your taste, your theme and your budget. However, there is practically an unlimited number of choices at your fingertips.

Choices to suit even the most discriminating Bride are readily available as most every venue offers a wedding planner that is quick to accomodate the needs of the bride and groom. As you begin to plan your Las Vegas wedding, consider the unlimited possibilites available, unlike any other city in the world.

Beautiful Las Vegas Wedding Venues

After deciding on the place to exchange your wedding vows, the banquet and reception venue is the next most important. While most modern chapels offer reception packages, you may want to consider a few alternative options to add a special flavor to your wedding.

In Las Vegas, your wedding can take place in a private outdoor location while your reception takes place in an elegant resort; or vice versa. The availability of reception areas range from Country Clubs to famous restaurants to private garden wedding receptions like the Grove

Las Vegas Wedding Bridal Shops

Now that you have your Las Vegas wedding destination and your reception venue figured out, browse through the endless possibilities of getting together your wedding accessories; wedding announcements and invitations, bridal accessories, groomsmens accessories, flowers and more.

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