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When it comes to Las Vegas weddings, there are numerous ways to tie the knot and all of them are memorable and unique. In this “Wedding Capital of the World,” your options are endless. A couple can say their wedding vows on the world-famous Las Vegas Strip, overlooking the dazzling lights of the city. Or they can experience their first kiss as husband and wife completely surrounded by lush gardens and beautiful waterfalls. A more traditional bride may prefer to celebrate her union in a classic chapel, creating an elegant and intimate atmosphere. Long gone are the days of cheesy “Vegas Weddings.” No more puffy-sleeved bridesmaid dresses and plastic flowers. Getting married in Las Vegas doesn’t necessarily mean drive-through wedding chapels or hearing Elvis say, “You may now kiss the bride.” The old Vegas wedding chapel has given way to the new gorgeous and beautiful wedding salons found in most of the beautiful Las Vegas Strip hotels and resorts. Las Vegas has blossomed into an enchanting and romantic pace to get married. Whatever your style, whatever your vision, Las Vegas is the place to make it happen. Here, you truly can have the wedding of your dreams.